HMR Field Plot: Then and Now

Hello, and happy summer wishes to all! Definitely feels like time for an update on F4P at HMR farm, so here goes..

This year I am especially proud of our field plot. This space had been out of cultivation and unmanaged for many years, and was therefore overgrown with a thick mass of grasses and weeds. In early June, Julie, Cheryl and I tilled the plot, amended the soil, and bravely placed our annuals in the ground instead.

HMR Farm Field_Flowers for Pollinators_F4P_Planting Day_Lindsey Miller w: Julie Weisenhorn and Cheryl Elliot_Watering_06:07:18_2

Julie Weisenhorn next to newly planted F4P field plot – June 08, 2018

The plants here have thrived! They seem to love the sandy Osceola soil, and have greatly benefited from the greensand, blood meal, and compost amendments. It admittedly took a bit of effort to keep the weeds at bay, but once things were under control the annuals grew so big they crowded out most of the competition.

HMR Farm Field_Flower for Pollinators_F4P_07:19:18

Field plot – August 08, 2018

Most importantly, the insect and bird activity in the F4P field plot has far exceeded expectations! Which is especially exciting because there are many other pollinator-friendly plants nearby. I’ll have photos of these happy and abundant critters ready to post soon and am excited to share more of what I saw here in the coming weeks.

Please check back soon, and be well!



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