2017 F4P sites planted!

It’s been a busy time – and the weather kept throwing us curve balls! – but we have the three 2017 Flowers for Pollinators sites planted!

Horticulture Display Garden – U of M West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris, MN – Located on the prairie of west central Minnesota, this garden was voted the best public display garden Morris logoin Minnesota by WCCO. Thanks to Steve Poppe, research scientist and overseer of the display garden, the F4P planting is located smack-dab in the center of the garden just off the main drive. WCROC staffer, Joe Knight, is overseeing the F4P garden. The F4P site in Morris is a free-standing bed that includes a mulched path and central seating area where visitors can be surrounded by the (hopefully!) buzzing of our pollinator audience!


Flowers for Pollinators site, Horticulture Display Garden, WCROC, Morris, MN. Planted 6/6/17

Horst M. Rechelbacher Farm, Osceola, WI – Known primarily for his creation of AVEDA, the late Horst Rechelbacher was a conservationist. He and his family opened their 360-acre property in Osceola to the University of Minnesota Bee Squad in hopes of helping research, teaching and outreach about conserving pollinators and preserving our priaries, woodlands and waterways. The F4P planting has the rock star location of bordering the foundation planting around the newly-renovated spa building where is it managed by Plant Squad staffer and U of M horticulture grad, Lindsey Miller, and HRM gardener Cheryl Elliott.


The F4P garden borders perennials along the Spa. Planted 6/12/17.

Horticulture Display Garden – U of M St. Paul campus – A Living Laboratory! Thanks to the Department of Horticultural Science, I was able to plant the third F4P site in the often visited Horticultural Science Display Garden. Earlier posts on this blog identified the 3rd F4P site as the 3rd floor courtyard of the Mayo Building on the East Bank of the U of M. After closer inspection, I found this site did not meet the planting space requirements for a F4P site (250-300 sq ft) having only raised beds totaling only about 85 sq ft. This planting is part of the Living Laboratory program sponsored by U of M Facilities Management / LandCare.


New location: Hort Science Display Garden, St. Paul campus. Planted 6/9/17


About Julie Weisenhorn

U of MN Extension Horticulturist; Minnesota gardener; photographer; Linnaeus admirer.
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