Flower for Pollinators

Results: 2016 Flowers for Pollinators


In 2016, U of M Extension Master Gardeners throughout Minnesota planted 24 varieties of annual flowers and observed pollinator activity throughout the summer as part of the 35th annual Master Gardener Seed Trial. Varieties included:

Volunteers were trained by extension educators and sent seeds to start on their own. Germination was challenging for some plants like Rudbeckia due to cool, wet weather. As plants started blooming, volunteers observed and counted pollinator visits to the flowers twice a week over eight weeks. Participants noted pollinator visits for each flower variety group over one minute, recording which pollinators landed on its flowers: honey bees, bumble bees, native bees, flies, beetles, butterflies / moths, and wasps. They also recorded weather conditions ( temperature, sun / clouds, wind).

Based on the volunteers’ recorded pollinator observations, the following varieties appeared most attractive to pollinator insects: