July in the Garden

A real winning day yesterday in the St. Paul site! Bumble bees, syrphid flies, blow flies, wasps, JB (dead now), and best of all a fiery skipper (!) all visited the blooming annual flowers. The four Zinnia varieties, Salvia and snaps are in bloom with the Sunflowers on the horizon. I agree with Douglas County Master Gardener, Diane Henry, that we will need a step stool to observe the very tall sunflowers!

Some tips:

Remember to record # of plants, not number of blooms. If a variety (like Salvia) is a big mass, record 6 plants as that was the goal.

Sometimes I observe more than one variety at a time just because stuff is happening quickly. I just keep track of what I see for each variety and then record the correct #s.

I found I have to sit still for a couple minutes before the insects come back and get active again. (This is the hard part!)
Hope you are all enjoying the quiet time watching these amazing insects!


About Julie Weisenhorn

U of MN Extension Horticulturist; Minnesota gardener; photographer; Linnaeus admirer.
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