Starting the salvia and snaps

Master Gardener Claire Kari and I started the flowers for pollinators (F4P) seeds back on March 28 …. a little over five weeks ago. We planted the salvia and snapdragon seeds along with the “rainbow of vegetable seeds” (and a few others to fill out our flat). Today, the salvia look pretty good …..
…. but the snaps are puny and pretty sketchy germination.

This particular greenhouse is irrigated and shaded with white shade cloth. Snaps need light and I wonder if they are not getting enough or maybe the seeds got buried.


About Julie Weisenhorn

U of MN Extension Horticulturist; Minnesota gardener; photographer; Linnaeus admirer.
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  1. Here is the link to the webinar this Friday to help participants with collecting data and identifying pollinators:


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